Having so much in life gives a person the opportunity to gain access around the world.
I cannot measure how much of a person I am now than I was before. The trace of my fingers does not only resemble my family’s pride but of my achievements as well. I could not remember how or why my life shifted to this entire world of Wall Street, what I have now is not exactly how I pictured it to be. For years I rather portrayed my life to be the epitome of the blue sky that is perhaps plain, amazing, and just as wonderful as a wide array of splendid beginnings. Like Elsa, fear was my enemy and with in a countless multiple of 365 I was scared to tell everyone that what I wanted and dreamed for no longer awakens the deepest part of my mind’s eye.
When you are feeling sad, your ex will almost certainly be having a good day. They will be having a day of strength and togetherness, or even just mild plainness, all of which will seem bewildering and offensive to you, the sad one. How can they be okay? Don’t they see that you’re living in a tragic graveyard, tripping over artifacts of the now abandoned civilization you wrought together?

It makes us as viewers see what is so hard to believe as a human being. We are beautiful. Every human being in some way, is beautiful. Its easy to think your sister is beautiful. Your friends are beautiful. But that person reflecting back at you in the mirror? He or she is beautiful too.

We are so hard on ourselves. We believe that if only we could change something about us that we would be so much better looking. If only… has to stop. We are so judgmental of our own bodies. Walking down the street you compare yourself to others that pass by. Stop doing that. Stare straight forward and put a smile on your face.

It is true we see things in others that they can’t always see but maybe we should start believing it. When someone tells you that you have a great smile, smile more. Your friend says you have great legs, flaunt them in a skirt. All of the self shaming needs to stop. Believe it when friends compliment you. Believe it when a significant other says you don’t need to change. They are telling you the truth. They can see things in you that you can’t always see.

This commercial changed my outlook on the way I look at myself. I truly believe that all my friends are beautiful and it’s not easy when they can’t see that. But then I have to remember that sometimes they have to remind me too.


From the moment I met you, I knew that I wanted you to be a part of my life, lovers or just friends.
The best things come unexpected, you were a clear example of that. I knew that you were too good of an opportunity to pass up. For the longest time before I met you, I was known as “the shy girl” that only opens up to people who she knew and the reason for that was because time and time again she was hurt emotionally in the past. When I saw you, I knew that there was something different about you, I needed to talk to you even if it meant rejection or just friends. Taking it back a few steps, the day I met you replays over and over in my head. I fell in love with the guy who was standing in front of me. The little things you do for me make me feel like the luckiest girl, the way you look at me, the way you surprise me with little things, the way you hug me but most of all, the way you hold my hand.. it may seem a bit odd but the way you hold my hand makes me feel so protected that I can take on the world with you beside me. You have changed me for the good. The past is the past but its the past that makes you who you are today and what you strive to become. That’s why I love you, even though you know every bit of my past, you never fail to love me unconditionally. So, to the love of my life, you are amazing and even though you don’t see it, you are. Rain, hail, or shine, I will always be by your side “No matter what”

 melted like wax into the flawless mold of your skeleton. I aimed to make you feel something. I aimed to make your heart beat itself against rib cage; fighting to be near me. I aimed to tenderly kiss my way into your synapse. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t adore you. Truth is, I adore you. Truth is, I was afraid to make love to you. Terrified that I might mess around and call you king…